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Liadov Nikanor (11:49:03 PM): [click, cessation of tape]

There. I've turned off the machine.

Now...If you have any questions for me, you may ask them off the record.

Volgin Yevgeny (11:50:58 PM): I'm just...curious, Major Liadov. What do you think of me? Do you really think I did it?

Liadov Nikanor (11:55:11 PM): Actually, I know you didn't.

That wasn't a little rough play gone awry. That was an effacing. Someone wanted to chisel Mikhail Molokov from the face of the earth. That was nothing less than utter blind destruction.

You might destroy things you hate, Colonel, but nothing in your comportment suggests you hate handsome capable young men.

Volgin Yevgeny (11:57:06 PM): I see.

Will you know, when you meet him - the killer - that he's the one? How will you be able to tell?

Liadov Nikanor (12:00:30 AM): You can't always tell, unfortunately. Until he establishes a pattern, and we begin to see a little more of his motives.

Right now, the roses are all I have to point at his modus.

Yellow, and an even number. A funereal gesture- the even number and the color suggesting the theme of unfaithfulness, and from this we can draw that the killer's motive is primarly...envy.

Volgin Yevgeny (12:03:00 AM): Envy...? Envy of Captain Molokov? Why is it so...elaborate, though?

Liadov Nikanor (12:06:05 AM): That's what concerns me.

It seems more globalized than that. Which means...

Volgin Yevgeny (12:06:33 AM): Which means what?

Liadov Nikanor (12:08:05 AM): That it doesn't stop with Misha. And that Misha...object of obsession though he may have been...is not the root of the psychopath's focus. Rather, he's a cypher for an archetype.

Volgin Yevgeny (12:09:18 AM): ....

And what does that mean, exactly?

Liadov Nikanor (12:12:17 AM): ...That assuming I'm correct, that experience has taught me to read invisible ink...the murderer will seek other victims, with a similar profile to Captain Molokov.

Volgin Yevgeny (12:12:57 AM): Profile? That...look like him, you mean?

Liadov Nikanor (12:14:01 AM): Look, yes. Similar looks, I would hazard to guess....although with only one victim...

Volgin Yevgeny (12:14:48 AM): ...

...right. Of course. I understand.

Liadov Nikanor (12:18:35 AM): And yet...my concern is that poor Mikhail might have been a proxy. That he might have gotten caught in the crossfire of someone's fixation on an unreachable individual.

Volgin Yevgeny (12:21:13 AM): Are you trying to tell me something, Major, or...

I would prefer if you just said what you were thinking.

Liadov Nikanor (12:29:02 AM): Well, the themes of unfaithfulness and defiling beauty...no, Colonel, I don't know anything for a fact. It's all idle speculation at this point.

But I do notice that Major Raikov seems to be very free with the men. Yesterday in the yard when we arrived, he was certainly showcasing himself well.

A sick individual might create a fantasy around someone like the Major. Or perhaps their fixation is for the one he is with. Maybe the obsession is about destroying him out of jealousy.

Have any cryptic notes been left? Any odd gifts been left to anyone?

Volgin Yevgeny (12:33:31 AM): ...No. Not that I know of.

But I'll speak to Iv- Major Raikov about it.

And...if there's anything you need, anything at all, you will tell me immediately, and I'll make sure you get it. I'll also be speaking to Ocelot about assuring your safety while you're here.


You will find the person who did this, won't you?

Liadov Nikanor (12:35:51 AM): That's why I'm here, Colonel.


He was my friend, you know. Not as close as we used to be in school, but we still played chess every now and then.

I have every intention of finding your problem and neutralizing it.

...the General has asked that we...bypass the system in terms of crime and punishment, if you understand me.

Volgin Yevgeny (12:37:10 AM): Yes. If I can assist with that, let me know.

...and I'm sorry about your friend.

Liadov Nikanor (12:38:56 AM): I appreciate that. When I speak to Major Raikov, perhaps he can shed some light on matters, Colonel.

Perhaps he's been having trouble with someone, but is reluctant to involve you.

Volgin Yevgeny (12:40:33 AM): I would hope....that wouldn't be the case. I would think he would tell me.


Liadov Nikanor (12:41:43 AM): I'm sure you're right. All the same, sometimes soldiers can be stoic about such things.

Shall I keep you appprised of our progress?

Volgin Yevgeny (12:42:08 AM): Yes. I would appreciate that.

Liadov Nikanor (12:43:35 AM): Tell me when and where it would be convenient to encounter you, and I will give you regular updates.

Volgin Yevgeny (12:46:17 AM): Well, I'm busy and doing different things at various areas of the base, but I will make time in my schedule for it. Shall we set a regular time to meet? I think that would be best. In the morning, perhaps?

Liadov Nikanor (12:46:54 AM): That's fine. What's your idea of morning?

Volgin Yevgeny (12:50:09 AM): I'm up early. 0400, usually, but that's when I do my physical regimen...any time after 0600?

Liadov Nikanor (12:51:21 AM): ...

Could we make it 0900? I'm not used to military time yet.

Volgin Yevgeny (12:51:38 AM): That's fine.

Liadov Nikanor (12:52:12 AM): Excellent. Thank you again, Colonel. I know this will set the baseline for compliance. You've been invaluable.

Volgin Yevgeny (12:52:41 AM): Thank you, Major. I appreciate your attention to detail.

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